Opinion: Why Boko Haram Appears More Powerful than Nigerian Army

Opinion: Why Boko Haram Appears More Powerful than Nigerian Army

Boko haram as they are fondly called is a terrorist organization based in the north eastern part of Nigeria, (Borno State). This deadly group was founded by the late Mohammed Yusuf. 

The goup have been in existence since 2008, terrorizing the north east through well organized murders of none muslims. The goup came to limelight when they openly came out to declare their stand against western education,  declaring that "Western Education is a Sin and who ever have passed through school,  or is still passing through school is a sinner,  and the only way to purge the world of that sin is to put to death anybody that is not an illiterate. " this is how the name came about" Boko Haram" (Western Education is a Sin).  

Tiz Naija gathered that Mohammed Yusuf,  the founder of this deadly terrorist group is said to be a master degree holder from one of the known universities in the northern part of Nigeria.

Mohammed was said to have come up with another ideology about Islam and the teachings, and was able to convince the people who are willing to imbibe his strange teachings and to put it to practice.  He successfully recruited the youths in 2017 and taught them to be radical Islamists. Among the chosen youths is the present Boko Haram Leader,  Abubakar Shekau.

 Abubakar Shekau is a Kanuri born from Adamawa state. He grew up to be an almajiri in the northeastern part of the country. As a boy,  he was left to fend for himself through begging of alms.  This is not a new thing. Its the tradition of the northern part of Nigeria. 

He was said to grow up as an almajiri (A common name for child beggars ). The Mother of this dreaded terrorist's leader was interviewed on BBC Hausa  last month, when she was asked about how his son came this far in terrorism she said; We sent him to Borno state in search of knowledge of the holy Quran,we never knew, he will change to be an entirely different person - The Mom

According to Falmata Abubakar,  she said; we gave birth to him like any other child,  he was a good boy,  obedient to the core. 

 We wanted him to serve God and to follow the will of God like every normal parent will want their child to do,but he chose his own part. 

This was not what he taught himshe lamented.  

She also went further to say that she has not set her eyes on the son for the past fifteen (15years).  He didn't come back to pay his last respect to the father.  
After the death of the original founder of Boko haram in 2008, Abubakar Shekau,  the present leader of the dreaded group took over the leadership. 

He is said to be more deadlier and more brutal with the group compared to the late founder. In 2010, A major event took place at eagle square where there was a twin bomb blast that killed scores of people during the October first independent day celebration.

 This is a day the history of Nigeria and Nigerians we're re- written with blood.  Alot of un suspecting victims list their lives in the bomb blast. 

This was during President Goodluck Jonathan's regime. Although, a lot of accusing fingers we're pointing to the Niger -Delta militants which Very Oka was arrested and tried. 

He was found guilty as an accomplice and was given a life sentence. After that first twin blast,Nigeria as a country had no rest since then. 
Nigeria started experiencing series of bomb blasts from the terrorists,  raging from suicide bombing to car bomb to gunbattles here and there,  and killing innocent people. Goodluck Ebele,  Jonathan,  the then president was left with no choice than to declare total war on the insurgents. Army have been in the Frontline of the battle since 2010. 

The question is: 
Why is there still Boko Haram Killings in Nigeria Eve at this moment?  
This is 11 years of war! this is the very question that boggles the minds of every Nigerian.

Could it be that Nigerian Government is playing politics with the insurgent? 
Let's find out!

Nigeria as a country is known all over the world to be the giant of Africa,  not only in the GDP,  but in military power. Nigeria has the highest number of military personnel  in Africa. We have over 250,000 able bodied serving military men,  not to talk of the Navy and the Air force. 

How come we can't defeat insurgency in 10 years? 
Many Nigerian serving military men have complained of negligence to the welfare of the our gallant soldiers in the Front line  of the battle. We have watched videos of Nigerian army complaining of inferior equipment supply compared to what the enemy is using. 

There are also complains that the government do owe soldiers on the battle field their allowances. This is not supposed to be so.  A government  that is serious in bringing an end to the countless killings of the insurgents should do what ever it takes to bring an end to the killings by empowering the army with the weapons they need and also by encouraging them through paying them their allowances and if possible increase it for them. 
Just lie doctors,during this covid-19 pandemic,  soldiers are the real heroes who are laying their lives for you to be comfortable at home with no hitches. Insurgency may not end soon as promised because it appears that some people are making money from the situation. There's a lot of killings going on in the country and it is so under reported.  No one is really doing anything about it. 

If Idris Derby,  the president of Chad can come out to fight Boko Haram and dissimated Boko Haram in 5 days,  Nigeria as a country can end Boko haram in a day.  But very unfortunately,  we've been fighting the insurgents for 10 years.  From all indication, there's no end to Biko Haram any time soon.