Almajiri is one of the Major Problems in Nigeria, We can do without them -tiznaija

Almajiri is one of the Major Problems in Nigeria, We can do without them -tiznaija

Almajiri has been a major problem in this country since the amalgamation of different kingdoms by the British in the year 1959 to 1960 that became Nigeria today. Nigeria as a country got her independence in the year 1960, Nigeria became officially a Federal Republic. This was with the presence of Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom, that is as far back as 60, years ago. Since the independence of Nigeria, Nigeria as a country seems to be struggling to stand on her two feet due to the governing nature of the present and past leaders. Most people believed that these leaders are perpetual looters of public funds for their personal gains. This assertion may not totally be true as every leader and people holding government offices in the country are working tirelessly, dsy and night for the betterment of Nigeria and Nigerians. 

Nigeria as a country is so blessed with natural endowment raging from the whether condition, geographical location, raw mineral salt and so many other natural blessing of which other countries are still dreaming to lay their hands on. Nigeria is said to be lagging behind amongst the countries that got their independence with the country in the year 1960. This is because Nigeria is have very few patriots out of the many populace - King

Dubai of today was a desert. There was nothing good in the country. They dwellers we're just referee to desert people. Dubai had no mineral salt, no crude oil, but today, Dubai is now a tourism hub for everyone around the globe. Why? The reason is that Dubai agreed to work together with the government to attain the level they are today. This should be a good example and an encouragement to non patriotic Nigerians. If we put hands together, we can build this country to our taste - Richard Mofos.

Nigeria as a country is divided in terms of religion and ethnicity. There is this believe that religion and fanatism have done more harm than good on our dear nation, this should not be the cause for Nigeria's inability to make life more comfortable for the citizens. 

Nigeria as a country since independence has experienced a lot of battles within, raging from the Civil War (Biafra War), religious crisis, inter-ethnic clash, farmers and hearders crises and above all, Terrorism which is still happening till today.

According to the world statistics, Nigeria is the most religious country on the surface of the earth as far as religion is concerned. We are also the biggest and most populous black nation on earth. With our population and the money generated by the people in the country through taxes and the sale of our crude oil, we are not supposed to be where we are today. Since terrorism started in the country, a lot of money has gone into procurement of arms and ammunition for our gallant military at the forefront of the fight against Book Haram which is considered the most deadly terrorist group the world have ever seen. 

It should be noted that Nigeria also has the highest number of poor people in Africa... And 89% of these people living below poverty line are northerners. The reason the northerners may be living below poverty is is due to the fact that Nigeria as a country does not really give attention to birth control program instituted by the then president of Nigeria, President Shehu Shagari in the 80s. 

The Northern Nigeria seems to have refused to wake up to the reality of the hazards of giving birth to many children with no good means of livelihood, this should be looked into, not only the north, the whole Nigeria at large if we must curtail poverty. 
Tiznaija approached a man who prefered to be anonymous on this issue, he said: An average north man marries 4 wives with about 20 or more children. These men are just farmers, or sugar cane sellers on the streets. How can they take care of these children? this is the mistake that brought this idea of Almajiri to the north.

Almajiri is known as abandoned children who are left to fend for themselves under the guise of seeking for religious knowledge by their parents who eventually failed to take care if them, or cater for their needs as a result of being poor and marrying many wives with a lot of children. Almajiri only ends in Nigeria, as there are no Islamic nation under the surface of the earth that supports giving birth and abandoning the child at a very young age to take care of himself by hiding under the guise of seeking for Islamic knowledge somewhere else. This is against Prophet Mohammed (SAW) teachings - Muslim Clearic.  

Nigerian government, knowing the hazards and the many sufferings of these young and innocent Nigerians refered to as Almajiri has done little or nothing to save this children from the hunger, degradation and deprivation they face daily on the streets. Although, the government of the then President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan tried to take the children off the streets by building schools and hostel for them. But the effort was wasted because the north men likely see keeping Almajiris is a culture they cannot be over with.

 The government needs to educate the people about the importance of keeping the young and vulnerable ones from the streets for the betterment of their future and that Nigeria as a country.

 We respect everyone's culture, but cultures can be modified to blend with the modern day realities- Osarho.

Almajiri is a serious threat to the security of thus country. - Jonathan

Almajiri needs to be taken off the streets. People have been clamouring for that for years to no avail. Coincidentally, there is an outbreak of Coronavirus in the country. 

Covid-19 outbreak has forced the repartriation of Almajiria to their different states of origin. Now they can be taken care of either by their biological parents or by their state governors - Samuel

Almajiri in the country is one of the biggest security threat in Nigeria. They are young and vulnerable. They can be used to cause mayhem in any part of the country by just giving them food or little money in return. - Lewis.

it is apparent that most of the members of Boko Haram sect are former almajiri children who were taken, brainwashed and recruited to terrorists organization.

 For a better and safer country, Nigeria needs to do something unusual about this issue of abandoned children roaming the streets, begging for arms with no parental care and guide -Samuel

The government of president Buhari should do anything possible to enforce birth control before the expiration of his regime to avoid marrying and giving birth more than anyone take care of. Every man is responsible for the welfare of his home -King

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